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Smile Membership

We offer flexible payment options that are interest free for up to two years.

Awesome Pricing

$120 per adult annual membership

$99 per child annual membership

No Insurance, No Problem

Are You One of Over 100 Million Americans without Dental Insurance?

Are you tired of letting an insurance company interfere with the dental treatments you need and desire?

No Yearly Maximums! No Deductible! No Pre-Existing Exclusions!

With our annual advanced care membership you no longer have to bear the full burden of significant and unexpected dental expenses again.

For Your Convenience

We believe that oral health is a part of an individual’s overall well-being. Ideally, financial considerations should not be an interference to achieve these goals. Especially when it comes to anything considered cosmetic dentistry, such as, porcelain veneers or teeth bleaching. To solve this, we offer flexible payment options that are interest free for up to two years.

ADA Code Dental Treatment Usual Fee Patient Charges Member Savings
D0120 Periodic Oral Exam $40 FREE $40
D0150 Comprehensive Oral Exam $60 FREE $60
D0210 Comprehensive Series of X-rays $100 FREE $100
D0274 Bitewing X-rays (4) $45 $20 $25
D0330 Panoramix X-Ray $150 $40 $110
D1110 Adult Cleaning (once every 6 months) $190 FREE $190
D1120 Child Cleaning (once every 6 months) $150 FREE $150
D1351 Sealants Per Tooth $40 $15 $25
D2391 Resin Composite One Surface $150 $75 $75
D2392 Resin Composite Two Surface $185 $85 $100
D2393 Resin Composite Three Surface $205 $95 $110
D2940 Crown – Porcelain $1450 $1150 $300
D2950 Core Buildup $250 $100 $150
D2954 Prefabricated Post & Core in Addition to Crown $250 $125 $125
D4355 Full Mouth Debriment $135 $75 $60
D4341 Scaling Quarter $250 $125 $125
D4910 Perio Maintenance $95 $65 $30
D5110 Complete Upper Denture $1650 $995 $655
D5120 Complete Lower Denture $1650 $995 $655
D7210 Surgical Extraction $375 $275 $100
D9630 Irrigation $36 $15 $21
D9430 Office Visit $60 $10 $50

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